Dive Site


Tulamben Bay (shore dive, beach entry, snorkeling)

The water in Tulamben bay stays warm all-year round, ranging between 27 to 30 degree Celsius. It is home to many tropical fish, coral reefs and other varieties of marine life. These beautiful under-water creatures often fascinate divers; they are especially exquisite for underwater photographers. Among common sightings are bumphead parrotfish, sharks, turtles and nudibranchs, which are often considered the jewel of the sea.

The beach consists of black volcanic rocks and sand deposited from the nearby Mount Agung. Porters are available to carry your tanks and BCDs to the entry point. All beach entry points are within 300m from Mimpi Resort Tulamben.

Tulamben Bay is also a great snorkeling site as you can snorkel directly from any point on the beach,in front of our resort.


The Liberty Wreck


The Liberty Wreck is the most famous and popular diving site in Bali. The USAT Liberty was a United States Army cargo ship used during World War I that was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine andrun ashore inTulamben Bay in 1942. The eruption of Mt. Agung in 1963 pushed the ship off the beach, and now the 120meters long body lies about 10m to 40m deep underwater. The wreck has become a thriving coral community, providing divers with a fantastic view of Tulamben’s marine life.

Tulamben Wall / Drop off

Tulamben Wall, also known as the Drop Off bottoms out at 60-70 metres and hosts larger marine life. If you’re lucky you may spot Reef Sharks, Moray Eels and even Hammerheads. Meanwhile, along the coral encrusted wall, you will see various octopus, crabs and shrimps.

House Reef / Coral Garden)

House Reef or Coral Garden runs for approximately 150 m along the beach, in front of the resort. Its shallow depth of 3 to 12 m is popular for snorkeling as well as extended night dives. Various nocturnal feeders and hunters have often been sighted here. The reef is a paradise for tropical fishes such as anemones (Nemo), ribbon eels and scorpion fish.

Outside of Tulamben (boat dive or transfer by car)

A few diving sites outside of the Tulamben bay area can be accessed by boat or car. These sites provide a differentscenery from Tulamben bay. We use a small, local outrigger boat called “Jukung”. The view of Mt. Agung from the boat ride is absolutely stunning.

Emerald, Batu Kelebit, Alamanda, and Palung-Palung (by boat)

These 4 diving sites are accessible by the local boat, “Jukung”. The boat ride is between 5 to 10 minutes. Here you will see a variety of sea fan corals. The comical jawfish are also often sighted popping out of their burrows and monitoring the white sandy bottom.

Seraya secret (by car or boat)

Seraya secret is paradise for macro diving and underwater photographers. It is a 15 minutes car ride or 20 minutes boat ride. Many nudibranchs can be seen crawling on its sandy bottom.


Kubu is a local seaside village about 10 minutes car ride from our resort. The blue water is clear which makes it easy to sight schools of chromis and damselle fish dance among the corals.

Day trip (Upon request, land transfer by car and diving by boat)

Day trips are available to go to thesediving sites below. A one-day trip includes land transfer by car, diving by boat and lunch sets. Along the way, you will be able to view typical Balinese countryside and villages.

Amed/Jemeluk (minimum 2 person)

Amed/Jemeluk area is a 30 minutes car ride away from our resort and the local Jukung boat will take you to the dive site. It is a mild and pleasant diving site where you will see beautiful corals and schools of tropical fish. Set lunch is enjoyed at a seaside restaurant.

Menjangan Island (minimum 2 person)

Menjangan Island is a national park located in the north west corner of Bali. Clear blue waters, white sand beaches and beautiful corals are just a few of its appeal. Itscoral walls and slopes are full of huge sea fans and schools of fish.

It is about a 3 hours drive from Tulamben. Access to the island is a half hour boat ride from our other resort, Mimpi Resort Menjangan. This resort has natural hot spring pools, the luxurious Spring Spa and a diving center facing the bay. Please check out our packages to stay at both MimpiTulamben and MimpiMenjangan. If you have any inquiries, please contact tulamben@mimpi.com

Nusa Penida (minimum 4person)

Nusa Penida area is for experienced divers due to its strong currents. The dive site is a 4 hours car ride from Tulamben and another 1+ hours boat ride.