The Mimpi Spring Spa was inspired by a dream to interpret the spring water’s healing effect into a well-being therapy centre. Rejuvenate and pamper yourself with our natural hot spring pools, and a special hydro jacuzzi pool beautifully situated at the edge of a mangrove lagoon.

Our luxurious yet eco-conscious spa utilizes local and natural building materials, recycled wooden furniture, eco-friendly LED lighting technology, bamboo linen and recycled paper. The products used in our spa treatments are all natural and made of fresh ingredients.

An herbal spring bath and traditional spa treatments are offered to stimulate the body’s own healing energy. Our signature treatments include the Mimpi Herbal Compress, Mimpi Art Movement, Singing Bowl, Thai Barefoot Massage and Mimpi Signature Rituals.

This unique thermal spa concept is the first of its kind in Bali and was originally initiated by Mimpi’s late founder Mr. Wirya Santoso. The design and development of Mimpi Spring Spa was created in collaboration with the experts of The Private Spa group. The end result is a luxurious, eco-conscious spa that blends state-of-the-art equipments with ancient traditional treatments performed by our professional therapists.




Natural dark ulin wood, granite floor, stone wall and a unique painting decorates the reception’s interior. Our well-trained therapists will welcome you and offer consultations.

Treatment Rooms

Our treatment rooms are eco-conscious with the design allowing the natural flow of air without the use of air conditioners, natural rattan floors and recycled wood furnitures.

We offer three single deluxe treatment rooms and one double deluxe treatment room with patios facing the mangrove forest. Each room are equipped with a terrazzo or wooden bathtub.

On the other side of the spa are two Thai massage rooms with private courtyards. Each room is equipped with a terrazzo tub and the private courtyard walls are exclusively made of red lava stones.

An additional two suite rooms are decorated with a Buddha statue at the entrance and offer a thermal spring pool in its private courtyard.

Watsu Spring Pool

The Watsu spring pool is designed for both Water Shiatsu and relaxation. The pool is fed by fresh thermal water from the grounds. Perched by the lagoon, the pool is secluded and offers a relaxing ambience to de-stress.

Relaxation Lounge

We serve refreshments in our tranquil open-air lounge. It includes a wooden floor, rattan sofa, a small library and a Watsu (Water Shiatsu) spring pool for your relaxation purposes. The lounge is set on the edge of a mangrove forest and blue lagoon.