Living with Nature

Above Water

  1. All wildlife and plants that live in the park are to be protected.
  2. Please do not hunt or disturb the animals, to pick flowers, to pull out or damage plants.
  3. Please do not feed the wildlife in the park, including the fishes. It is best to avoid dependency on artificial feeding, which may lead to aggressive behavior of the animals and danger for visitors. Artificial feeding may also change the normal nutrient value of the animals’ diet, with potentially harmful effects.
  4. Pets are not permitted anywhere in the reserve. Even pets that are well looked after carry potential diseases, which might threaten wild animals.
  5. Please throw any garbage (including cigarette butts) in the special garbage bins in the resort. All the garbage from the resort are collected and taken away for disposal.
  6. If a garbage bin is not readily available, please keep it with you until you can dispose of it properly.
  7. Please do not make any noises in the park. Enjoy the silence and the sound of nature.
  8. Please be careful with fire. The climate of the park is semi-arid and the weather is hot. A small fire can easily grow and destroy the bushes and forest, taking many years to recover.

Below Water

  1. Please do not touch the marine animals. Many of them are very fragile and can die from being touched or removed from their natural habitat, even for only a short distance. Additionally, some of these creatures may be dangerous, if not deadly to humans.
  2. Please help remind your boat driver to use a mooring buoy, if one is available, or to anchor in the sand or on broken reefs. Living corals are easily damaged if used as an anchoring point.
  3. Please do not attempt to take shells, corals or sea creatures as souvenirs. It is considered illegal. Many of the small marine creatures live inside these shells and dead corals.
  4. Fishing with rod or hand line should not be done in areas where people are diving and/or snorkeling. Fishhooks and fishing lines can cause very serious injuries to divers and snorkelers.
  5. Please do not feed the fishes. Artificial feeding disturbs the fishes’ normal food nutrients, patterns and behavior. Harming the health of the fishes may also have disastrous effects on the whole ecosystem by affecting the other marine animals living in the ocean.