We offer one-hour or two-hours kayaking sessions along the resort’s secluded bay. It is recommended to go in the early morning or late afternoon as it will increase the chances of seeing wildlife along the mangrove forest, including macaque, little blue king fisher and a variety of aquatic birds. A late afternoon kayaking trip will reward you with an extraordinarily beautiful sunset on a backdrop of majestic mountains.

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Menjangan Island offers some of Bali’s best snorkelling sites. The island’s “Pos 1” site on the west tip and “Pos 2” site on the east tip are especially great for family and children as there are white sandy beaches, which offer easy entrance to the island and a nice lunch break spot. The Coral Garden on the north side of the island is home to one of Bali’s healthiest and most colourful coral reefs, spreading shallow at an average depth of 2 to 4 metres beneath the surface.