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Cave Point

Eel Garden

Pos 1

Offer some spectacularcorals,crevises and fissures,and some small cave along the reef.there is also a broad channel that leads to the beach .currentsare usually gentle.there is abudance of fan corals along the drop –off which descends to 40 m or more .grouper and wary big eyes live in the reef .the top of the reef is a great place to see a variety of sea anemones and cheeky clownfish.especiallyspinc – cheek anemonesfish ,which of amongst the tentacles of their protectors,bubble – tip anemones .

Location :southwest Menjangan island

Visibility: 20 -25 meters

Depth: 3 – 40 meters ( 10 – 130 feet )

Average water temperature: 27 – 30 C

Diving condition: current are typically gentle.

To reach the side: it is approximately 40 minutes by boat.

Under water topography: exotic coral formation ,crevices and fissures,retiringalong the reef .there is a mass of abundant fan coral close to the drop – off which descend to 40 m plus.

There is a broad channel which leads to the beach.

Marine life : sergeant major fusilier are thick along the reef top, surgeonfish,powder blues and blacks,emperor angel fish,juvenile and mature wrasse,huge giant sweeplips,reside here.

Main attractions: gentle currents ,dive can begin at shore and/or from boat.snorkeling is great here.bright variety of marine life and exotic corals formations.

Pos 2

Located in the southeast corner of the island where break in the continous fringing reef allows boatd access to the sandy shore and a small jetty. A continous walls surrounds this end of the island ,drooping from a couple of meters to over 50 meters deep -all straight down .

Location :east Menjangan island

Visibility :20 -25 meters

Depth :3 – 40 meters

Water temperature :27 – 29 c

Diving condition: rate current ,usually very calm.

To reach the side: it is approximately 30 minutes by boat.

Under water topography : endless array of fan – corals some nearly 3 m high.gorgonians and delicate coral trees adorn barrel sponges and huge platter sponge face are covered with sea – fans ,blue tube sponges and soft corals.

Marine life : very active school of yellow tale ,cascading over the wall .the occasional trevalla jack,angelfish,lionfish,stonefish,crocodilefish,somechromics and triggerfish.be careful of the fish sting ,which are carried along with planktonic flow.

Main attraction : close – up macro – photography of.

Cave point

This site gets its name from the caves along the reef found in 9 – 12 m of water and do not go far in to the reef . they are very save to explore .the caves are heavens for fish and invertebrates ,like the nudibranchs and tiny fish live amongst the corals and tube sponges.

Location: south menjangan island

Visibility: 15 – 25 meters

Depth : 3 – 40 meters ( 10 – 130 feet )

Average water temperature: 27 – 29 c

Diving condition : medium current ,suitable for snorkelers.

To reach the site: it is approximately 30 minutes by boat.

Under water topography: soft corals and gorgonian fans.

Tubastrea corals enter holes from 3 – 9 m.sea – fans and large sponges poke out from the wall as well as clamps and brittle stars.

Marine life: crevices hide orange – strope trigger fish,black spotted puffer fish .you may occasionally see barracuda here.

Marine attractions life.: this site is perfect for challenging photography,morning sunshine creates dramatic photography setting of the reef.

Eel gardens

This west end of the island has a bit of everything.begining with a wall that offers the standard vertical profile of most Menjangan sites.a short swim from the wall is a shallow sandy area alive with garden eels,hence the name.

Location : west Menjangan island

Visibility : 15 – 25 meters.

Depth : 3 – 18 meters ( 10 – 60 feet )

Average water temperature : 27 – 29 c

Diving conditions : usually drift dives around the south – west point.

To reach the site : it is approximately 35 minutes by boat.

Under water topography :thi reef has some of purest sand inindonesia with large coral heads and formations ,the bottom rarely dips below 18 m.sponge live diverse and quite colourful throughout the site.

Marine life : large pufferfish ,batfish,eels,eagleray,stingray,and mantas glide through channels and the occasional dolphin has been seen.

Main attractions : dives can enjoy relaxed diving here and small invertebrates.


Approximately 25 minutes drive from mimpi, located on an adjacent bay to ferry harbor of Gilimanuk, the Secret Bay is a unique easy shore dive often considered as a site for new discoveries and best for macro photography. It is 25 C (77 F) on average, a chilly 5 C colder than most other dive sites around Bali. This is due to the nearby deep water cold currents which are directed into the bay by upwelling and the daily tidal changes. It is because of this cold water, along with the shallow sand and sea grass environment that makes this place so special. It has a unique blend of tropical, temperate, Indian and Pacific ocean species, all living in the same bay.

Among the many varieties like seahorses, nudibranchs, gobies and dragonets, it is the abundant and variety of anglerfish and scorpionfish that makes this dive site so exiting. There are at least 4 different species of anglerfish that have been found in Secret Bay including the Spotfin Anglerfish and Sargassum Anglerfish. But it is one species which has been producing great interest, locally known as Tono’s Anglerfish, about 30 cm in length and usually yellow coloration. It has an interesting esca (bait) that is unusual to any other species. This indicates it may be a new sub-species or even a new species all together.

Secret Bay has the most stunning variety and diversity of scorpionfish. One of the most common species found here is the Dwarf Lionfish (Dendrochirus branchypterus), which, due to its surrounding environment, has adapted its coloration to a dazzling rusty red body with vivid green eyes. The Blue-Finned Lionfish is apparently a first for Indonesian waters. With the eclectic blue pattern on its pectoral, it is very easy to see how it got its name.


The Pemuteran region boats 15 dive site suitable to all levels of diver.

Rich coral slopes of Pemuteran off shore reefs or simply snorkeling off our beach on the biorock project, just in the front of  Pemuteran Hotel.

Pemuteran Dive & Snorkeling

With Menjangan Island and the award winning Bio Rock Project, Pemuteran bay is probably the best spot for Diving & Snorkelling

Dive and snorkeling sites are either a 10 – 15 minutes boat ride from Pemuteran beach or Bio Rock which is right in front of the beach. Pemuteran Jetty is also interesting site for macro dive.