Working with Community

We work hard with the local community to prevent destructive fishing practices. We teach sustainable alternatives that still allow fishing as a main source of livelihood for the locals. In both Menjangan and Tulamben, we have initiated several community projects with a single objective of educating the locals on sustainable fishing practices.

Since our resort was established in 1998, we have successfully persuaded the local fishing community to abandon blast fishing and cyanide fishing. We also fund projects for local fishermen to operate 70 boats and employ them as boat drivers, dive guides or attendants.

We have also worked collaboratively with locals on the seaweed project. The mission of the project is to encourage locals to grow and harvest healthy seaweed by maintaining a good aquatic environment. It was initiated in the neighboring community of Sumberkima in 2002, and now involves over 150 locals.

Living with Community


Local community is an important co-partner with whom Mimpi has worked to achieve its objectives. We believe that business growth can only be achieved and secured in a place where the community itself is also developed. Much has been done to live this commitment.We are committed to collaborating with locals to achieve our objective of helping our local community’s social and economic development. Over the
years, we have undertaken several community projects:

1. Assisted in the building of several temples in the area. We have donated 6000 square meters of our hotel grounds and raised monetary contributions to facilitate the development of Segara temple in Pejarakan Village. A temple dedicated to Baruna, the God of the Sea.
2. Built a public bathing facility in the hot springs of Banyuwedang for the local village community to operate. A fee is required for visitors to use the facility, with the funds raised going directly for the development of the village community.
3. Brought electricity to 12 houses and buildings in the neighboring villages, including an elementary school (SD 4 Pejarakan).
4. In 1999, we established a well-loved program called “Anak Asuh”, with the aim to provide educational assistance through scholarship schemes to 30 village children in need. The scholarship screening process is done in collaboration with local community leaders, not only on the basis of academic performance but also on family background. Priority is given to low-income students and families. Once a year, we invite the children and their parents to the resort for a gathering and to hear their feedback on the program.
5. We continuously promote and support the employment of locals. Nearly 75% of our staffs are locals from the surrounding villages, often with little educational background and formal work experience. We provide them
with proper training and development programs. We are very proud of their growth and the skills that they have achieved. Some of them have even become qualified dive masters.
6. Promote and conserve Balinese art and culture by encouraging local artists to perform their traditional dances in the resort. These performances include Megenjek, Gebuk Ende and the famous Jegog dance.
7. As much as possible we work with local suppliers to supply the products we need for our daily operations. In this mutual relationship, we guide and encourage the local suppliers to expand their business and market reach.